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How to get inexpensive and friendly white teeth -there are home remedies for white teeth, and what side effects to expect. You have really to the doctor and How long the teeth remain white? These are A few of the most frequent questions we will discuss in this article.


Before the treatment, they should be carried an abdominal training to build of the muscles over a few months. Subsequently, optimal conditions for a modeling of the Sixpack be used then with the removal of excess fat cells from connective tissue. Then, a vertical separator in the layer of tissue...

Torn earlobe, earlobe grown on or deformed ear lobes can be corrected with the help of plastic surgery. Since the earlobe is composed of cartilage and there is little pain receptors, the OP can perform simple under local anaesthetic. Patients with particularly strong anxiety can...

The connective tissue in the abdomen, which is responsible for the skin's elasticity, consists of a network of collagen fibres. During pregnancy, the connective tissue is severely overstretched and leads to injuries in the form of cracks in the subcutaneous tissue. This leads to visible bluish...

Get freckles

Freckles caused by pigment cells in the skin (melanocytes), which produce increasingly darker pigments (melanin) and surrender to the neighbouring Horn-forming cells (keratinocytes) and discolor it.

Freckles cause and risk

Genetic conditions of each skin type I...

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