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Take off with ultrasound - Reduce fat without surgery and without sports an ultrasonic lipolysis is a pain-free, alternative method for liposuction in plastic surgery. A distinction is made between home and applications accompanied by professionals or doctors.


The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive. It can happen, that more and more tissue water is stored in this field. So caused swollen eyelids. As a first step, we recommend a gentle massage to the eyelids. You want to achieve, that spread the tissue water.

Each year the eyes are lasers in Germany about 100,000 people. The methods are mostly (Femto-) LASIK. Diopter can handle up to a short-sightedness-11 dpt and a farsightedness from + 4 dpt by LASIK. Complications are rare. Less than 3% of patients have problems after eye surgery. The lasers from...

The operation can be done only if a previous operation on his chest has healed.
The areola itself is very often just tattooed.
The necessary skin can be obtained at the desired operation for an enlargement of the nipples from the upper eyelid (after a previous eye-lifting...

The connective tissue in the abdomen, which is responsible for the skin's elasticity, consists of a network of collagen fibres. During pregnancy, the connective tissue is severely overstretched and leads to injuries in the form of cracks in the subcutaneous tissue. This leads to visible bluish...

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