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Drooping eyelids, hanging eyelids or bags also can be corrected aesthetically. This correction is carried out like in the upper eyelid, considered a very diffizilerer intervention, but, not here too much skin can be removed. Also bags as fat filled with lymph removed it carefully.


An arm surgery or Dermolipectomy is carried out in the majority of cases in women. The necessary cut performed by the arm up to the elbow.

Torn earlobe, earlobe grown on or deformed ear lobes can be corrected with the help of plastic surgery. Since the earlobe is composed of cartilage and there is little pain receptors, the OP can perform simple under local anaesthetic. Patients with particularly strong anxiety can...

In the case of a nose reduction or sometimes a second surgery usually open Rhinoplasty is performed, while the skin covering is lifted from tip of nose and nostrils, to get better on the fabric. The result is a tiny external scar on the transition of the upper lip to the nose bridge. In the case...

The skin loses its elasticity with age as an adult and is always dry time. The collagen in the skin which is essential for the clamping force will be softer. Paying attention from early childhood to the harmfulness of the UV rays of the Sun, the aging process is progressing faster. Caused by...

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