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Get freckles

Freckles caused by pigment cells in the skin (melanocytes), which produce increasingly darker pigments (melanin) and surrender to the neighbouring Horn-forming cells (keratinocytes) and discolor it.

Freckles cause and risk

Genetic conditions of each skin type I...

Medical science has developed more and more in recent times laser technology, so it is used also for the removal of body hair.

But new and improved laser models on the market, it is advised to inform themselves here carefully. At the time, the diode or Ruby lasers are most commonly used....

Many women want a mouth full, blazing, because thin lips are considered strict and boring face expression. A lip augmentation can help to do this, and also be reviewed. To fulfill this desire for sensuality, the cosmetic surgeons offer several methods for this special intervention.

Scars caused by accidents, skin diseases and operations. If there are scars on the face they can cause severe psychological problems. Scars can affect the skin or underlying tissue in their function, E.g. If burns on the skin have taken place or were infections or inflammation (such as smallpox...

Many women suffer from a small chest or a chest, the form of which is not the ideal of beauty that is self-imposed.Nutrition, sport or hormone therapies help only to a limited extent. The aging, hormonal changes, diseases, pregnancies and diets change breasts and many want to counteract the...

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