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The local anesthesia is defined as local pain reduction by targeted application of anesthetics in the area of nerves, without affecting consciousness.

In contrast to the general anesthesia, the patient may take a little food before surgery to.
Local anaesthesia can be carried...

With a fine needle, the fat cells of the connective tissue are removed and vacuumed. The cut for the needle is performed in the underarm area or in the vicinity of the elbow. The intervention can be pre-treated with an ultrasonic treatment of the affected region. Within the framework of the...

Many women want a mouth full, blazing, because thin lips are considered strict and boring face expression. A lip augmentation can help to do this, and also be reviewed. To fulfill this desire for sensuality, the cosmetic surgeons offer several methods for this special intervention.

These operations - in the area of the lower half of the body - should take only up to a maximum of 4 hours. An anesthetic is injected into the epidural space, located in the spinal canal, thus the feeling at the bottom of the body will be taken temporarily "out of action", but the patient gets...

The IPL (intense pulsed light) comes in very small spider veins to the application, i.e. If the disturbing capillaries have a small diameter. Before the treatment, the corresponding area should be cooled the veins by laser vaporize as much heat in the vessel is being developed...

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