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Eyelash care


With increasing age, the lashes are thin, so you should give them special care with an emphasis on more attention. Instead black should be more brownish or darker blue (or even gray). An eyelash curler emphasizes the impetus of the eyelashes. It is applied directly to the approach and held for several seconds.

Perm the eyelashes while rarely practiced, is however feasible: use a for special agent, for the eyelashes, turn on tiny rod and approx. 1 hour to leave. If you want to dye eyelashes, the area around the eyes with cream should be protected first, so that no color to the skin. With a small brush now the color apply, but very carefully, so that no color in the eye. If you want to use a mascara, enough also a gel for the brewing, which is applied in your desired color on the lashes.

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