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Botox - botulinum toxin


Botulinum toxin inhibits the transmission of the nerve to the muscle, which always have the movement ability of the muscle decreases depending on the dosage of venom. Botulinum are toxins produced by bacteria. The muscle can no longer as usual tight turn, other nerve functions such as feeling are not affected.

The botulinum solution is injected into the concerned muscle millimeter. This injection should be performed correctly to produce no temporary or permanent paralysis in the face.
The lower part of the face (including neck) should not be treated toxin with the botulinum, as the mouth facial expressions could be disturbed. However, forehead wrinkles and mouth wrinkles can be reduced. After the injection of the concerned muscles can move hardly, resulting in the smoothing of the relaxed tissues.

Then, it may be necessary to the relevant wrinkle under spray (with hyaluronic acid or collagen). This is not performed normally but in a session. A strong immune system, the body can form antibodies against this poison and making ineffective an injection. Because the effect wears off after just six months, should the poison to be injected then.

The full effect is visible after a few days and for a few months. A refreshing by a retreatment is possible without restrictions. Usually a surface anesthetic or a pre-cooling is used for anesthesia.

Price - cost in euro: 

350 - 800


Operation kind

Local anesthesia, cold

Operation duration

A few minutes up to 1 hour


If little impact is occurring after 1-2 weeks of AZT should be sought to make observe any subsequent injection


Depending on the experience of the physician.

Ability to work

Right away


  • Swelling, itching, bruising (relief through cool compresses)

  • flu-like symptoms for a short time

  • maskenhaftes appearance when too much Botox was injected

  • not exactly equal treatment, for example in the forehead, can cause uneven appearance, this also applies to the mouth area


First application approximately 4 months. The following applications approx. 6 months

Health insurance

Typically no support


Prior to surgery:

  • Before the injection tell doctor about a drug because the botulinum not containing any drug can withstand (especially about sedative or antibiotics)

After the surgery:

  • After treating approximately 0.5 day bend, not sleep or lie down and not scratch

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