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Breast reconstruction for breast cancer


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Although breast cancer is the most common cancer in women is not cancer is diagnosed in more than three quarters of all palpable lumps or breast tumors, but found a benign overgrowth. For many, groped by the women themselves breast lumps no tumor is present, but only a cyst or an atypical growth. Benign, real tumors often go from connective tissue (fibroadenoma) and sometimes by fat cells from (lipomas).

Malignant tumors of the breast (breast cancer) usually go from the glandular portion of the breast. As a rule of the milk ducts and rarely from the lobules.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

  • Scanning of the chest
  • mammography
  • Ultrasonic
  • MRI
  • Sampling without surgery
  • Feinnadelpunktionen
  • High speed stamping
  • Stereotaktische Stanzbiopsie

A combination of the method enables a reliable diagnosis without surgical tissue removal.

Chemotherapy in breast cancer

Breast cancer patients can benefit at different stages of the disease from breast cancer by chemotherapy:

  • Chemotherapy can complement surgery and radiation. Chemotherapy can reduce the risk of relapse and the risk of metastasis: It is aimed at tumor cells that remain invisible in the tissue. They are known in this case as adjuvant chemotherapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy for women comes into question, in which adjuvant anti-hormone therapy would not work, because her tumor grows hormone-independent.
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended but also women with hormone-sensitive tumors, if a high risk of relapse is feared from the outset.
  • Chemotherapy before surgery may also reduce the risk of relapse and metastasis. Prior to surgery, chemotherapy is also intended to shrink the tumor. Women can then breast-conserving surgery in spite of large tumors. This form of treatment is called neoadjuvant.
  • In an inflammatory breast cancer
  • If the breast cancer has spread and other organs are affected by breast cancer metastasis. The therapy is intended to reduce tumor growth and relieve disease-related symptoms.

Side effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer

  • hair loss
  • Mucosal inflammation in the mouth, intestines, genitals
  • Increased infection-prone
  • anorexia
  • Vomit

Breast cancer prevention and treatment

remove ovaries

Women at high risk for breast cancer is recommended to be removed in addition to the Brustgewebsentfernung the ovaries. This intervention is always done under general anesthesia. The operation can be gently performed endoscopically through a few small incisions.

After the procedure, the production of hormones the ovaries missing. Thus, the brain is affected and even the metabolism.

  • estrogen
  • Luteal hormone (progesterone)
  • testosterone

Several years before menopause, the levels of progesterone begins to decrease. By entering the menopause, the estrogen production can greatly reduce. It is almost exclusively produced testosterone.

Effects of ovariectomy

Progesterone deficiency can lead to depressive moods. Too little progesterone but can also lead to water retention, to veins pain and bloating of the intestines.

Estrogens ensure the beauty of skin and hair. They dilate blood vessels and regulate blood pressure. Estrogens regulate cholesterol levels and reduce heart attack or stroke risk. They also continue to provide the humidification of the mucous membranes.

Testosterone is responsible for a strong bone mass, muscle tissue, the tension and thickness of the skin. It helps build muscle, reduce body fat production, improves the ability to think, provides the necessary drive and is effective against depression and heart disease. Finally, testosterone is crucial for the Libidio.

Mastectomy and breast implants

During a mastectomy, the body of the mammary gland is removed in both breasts to reduce the risk of cancer dramatically. After consultation with the surgeon the nipple or the skin of the areola can be maintained. This, however the breast risk is increased because more parts of the breast tissue can survive the process of the skin.

The breast reconstruction can be done with body fat or silicone implants. Currently the way with silicone implant is faster and the result at the end also visually appealing. In addition, it bulges enough body's own fat, which must be first available to the own fat extraction.

Restoration of the breast with the implant, autologous fat or saline

When a desired saline as a filler, this engagement is (4-6 cm) carried out with only a small section because the introduced silicone pad is filled only after the insertion with this solution.

Own fat as a filling material is controversial, justified by the possible degradation of the natural fat within the first year, which further operational subsequent corrections are necessary. Meanwhile, there are improved methods for autologous fat harvesting and processing, so that the percentage of fat cells that do not grow but die and be transported away from the body, is always less.

the current generation silicone implants provide good protection before sailing. The shape is balanced and look more realistic than saline solutions. Silicone implants are very stable and suitable for reconstruction in breast cancer.

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Operation success

Approx. 60-80% of all breast cancer patients, the tumor can be operated out. Breast must yet be amputated, the plastic surgeon with a construction plastic "reconstruction Mammaplasty" can restore these days by the enormous progress of science the breast.
It operated at least 60% of these operations Brusterhaltend. Before however, the operation is performed, the question an own blood collection is to rethink avoiding the risks of a foreign blood transfusion as a result.
Methods of breast reconstruction

  • Breast reconstruction using your own tissue (usually from the abdominal region)
  • Plastic implant
  • Tissue Expander technology, where an empty plastic bag under the chest muscle is created and filled with saline over a period of about 2 months at regular intervals, until it reaches the maximum result. After about 6 months, the implant against a silicone pad can be replaced then.

Price - cost in euro: 

0 -5500



general anesthesia


3 - 6 hours at the removal of a natural tissue
1 - 2 hours at the onset of an implant

Inpatient stay

1 - 2 weeks

ability to work

After about 3-8 weeks (depending on the type of surgery)


  • Since the implant is overgrown by a connective tissue, this tissue can contract may. This hardening, which can be painful forms. This can only be solved by the doctor by a new operation
  • When occurring inflammation may have to the implant temporarily be removed in order to calm the fabric again
  • If the incision made around the nipple, the ducts can be hurt, which may affect the ability to breastfeed
  • Bleeding and bruising
  • After a fall or accident, the doctor should be urgently sought to be examined whether the implant was damaged
  • Change the sensitivity of the nipples and breasts
  • Tight feeling in the chest may prevail for some time, even after flying or diving (here 1-2 days)
  • X-ray examinations every doctor should be made aware that a breast implant was used, as it often appears opaque on radiographs


When using an implant, depending on the implant about 8 - 15 years

health insurance

Breast cancer operations are usually covered by health insurance


If there were in the immediate relationship two or more cases of breast cancer, to go in advance of the 40th year of life to the gynecologist and be tested for the genetic defect. Is this determined, it is advisable that you let yourself in for regular checks at short intervals or operate. The high risk of cancer due to heredity can only solve operational and that needs every woman to decide for themselves.

The moderate risk of almost 10% during the life of a woman developing breast cancer is still to have no reason to operate. From the age of 40 years should be examined regularly.

Before the operation:

Brustgewebsentfernung and breast implant

  • 10 days in advance any blood-thinning agent
  • 10 days ago no cigarette and alcohol consumption

After the operation:

Brustgewebsentfernung and breast implant

  • Mind. Two weeks dressing for shape retention
  • 2 months wear a sports bra
  • 1 month no sunbathing
  • 2 to 3 months no heavy lifting and carrying
  • 6-8 weeks sleeping on your back

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Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 21:58

Die aktuellen Implantate namhafter Hersteller, die schon lange auf dem Markt sind, sind schon so gut, dass man den Unterschied kaum mehr spürt. Die Implantate haben mehrere Schichten, die unterschiedlich zähflüssig sind und sich richtig gut anfühlen. Der Arzt hat mir mehrere in verschiedenen Formen vorgelegt, die alle ihre Form unter Druck beibehalten. Das fühlt sich absolut echt an. Ich denke die meisten Bedenken kommen aus früheren Zeiten, als es noch auffüllbare Implantate mit Füllungen gab, die so flüssig wie Wasser waren.

Grüße Samantha

Comment count: 10
Monday, May 11, 2015 - 18:04

Ahhhhh! Jetzt weiss ich warum es manchmal so unnatürlich ausgesehen hat wenn sportliche Frauen was schweres tragen oder trainieren.

Das waren dann wohl immer Brustimplantate auf dem Brustmuskel und die waren dann zu dünn und schlecht beraten oder wurden später erst dünner.

Auf das Risiko des späteren Abnehmens und der besseren Sichtbarkeit des Implantats hat mich der Arzt beim Beratungsgespräch gar nicht hingewiesen! Gut dass ich mir noch Zeit gelassen habe.

Danke Euch! Sabrina

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 21:32


hat sich das erst vor kurzem entwickelt? Wahrscheinlich schon, denn wenn eine Brust deutlich härter als die andere ist kann das ja auch eine Kapselvibrose sein und dann müsste der Arzt nochmal. Das die Brüste ein etwas unsymmetrisch sind fänd ich nach 6 Monate auch nicht wirklich ok.
Bei mir sass die linke Brustwarze schon direkt nach der OP ein bisschen tiefer. Anfangs hat mich das ganz irre gemacht schliesslich hab ich dafür bezahlt. Der Arzt meinte anfangs auch erst mal die alles Abschwellen lassen. Die OP ist jetzt knapp 2 Jahre her und ich habs nicht mehr anpassen lassen. Da war der Unterschied nicht gross genug. Ich denke man muss mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden sein, ansonsten sollte der Arzt nochmal nachoperieren müssen.
LG Lara

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Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 22:25

solange Du Dir Dein Ideal selbst vorgibst, ist alles ok. Wenn Dir Dein Freund das einredet, dann würde ich mir einen anderen Freund suchen und auf die Brust Op verzichten. Ich bin 24 und hatte in Deinem Alter auch unsymmetrische Brüste, aber das hat sich in den nächsten 2 Jahren wieder normalisiert. Ich weiss nicht, ob der Sport oder das normale Wachstum dafür gesorgt hat. Jedenfalls kann ich Dir garantieren, dass das Wachstum vor allem mit 16 bis 17 einiges ändern wird. Schlimmstenfalls müsstest Du dann nochmal nachoperieren.
GLG Adelina

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Monday, July 3, 2017 - 22:07

Meine Narben unterhalb der Brust haben ca 4 Monate gebraucht bis sie nicht mehr richtig rötlich waren. Ich finde, dass die Stelle unter der Brust auch ziemlich anfällig für Probleme ist, weil man da leicht schwitzt. Ich hatte nur 5 Tage einen ziemlich unangenehmen Stützverband nach der OP und danach BHs, die ich aber auch nicht immer tragen konnte. Im Sommer war der BH unten manchmal nass geschwitzt und ich glaube, dass sich dadurch ab und zu die behandelten Stellen leicht entzündet haben und deshalb die Narben so lange nicht richtig ausgeheilt sind.
Grüße Malin

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