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Hair growth tonic for hair loss


Some hair growth tonic help-has been proven for hormonally related hair loss which can be inherited. The success typically consists of a significant slowing of hair loss. In addition small thin hair can develop on the already-bald patches.

Both men and women about 95% of all cases of hair loss by androgenetic alopecia are caused. These Scriptures hair loss is the most common cause for hair loss in both sexes. The term "androgenetic alopecia" means "Hair loss male hormones". This is a form of hair loss, which is caused by an increased susceptibility of the hair follicle to male sex hormones.

Circular hair loss involves the body's immune system. Hair loss in this form should be treated by a doctor urgently.

It is always advisable with the doctor about the causes of hair loss to speak. Since the reasons for hair loss is very diverse and the permanent taking of freely available drugs can be dangerous, should be going to the doctor at an early stage. Is used to be a sound diagnosis and the therapy started, the greater the chance that the hair loss is early to slow down enough so that it has long full head of hair.

Effective remedy for hair loss with hormonal causes:


A 2 to 5 percent minoxidil solution for external use improves the blood circulation of the skin. Recommended for use with circular hair loss, but not in the eyebrow area. The active ingredient of minoxidil was originally developed as a medicine for high blood pressure. In the applications, it has been that this hair growth as a whole was stimulated on the body.

Minoxidil 5% solution for men

Several manufacturers offer a 5 percent solution for men. Minoxidil stabilizes the history of influencing hair loss at the top back of the scalp from 3-10 cm in diameter in men aged 18-50 years for men. The treatment can be countered as the progression of influencing my hair loss. Commencement and extent of effect are very different, but it works has been proven by many users.

Minoxidil 2% solution for women

The minoxidil solution for women stabilizes the history of genetic hair loss in women (characteristic Scriptures irregular head hair thinning in the eyebrow area) and so can impact the progression of hair loss, contrary to.

Effect of minoxidil as a vitamin for hair growth

Due to the hormonal differences between men and women, there are different doses. Minoxidil promotes the blood circulation of skin external application. The active ingredient can slow hair loss by the newly formed hair grow back stronger. The first success is to see where there are still a few thin hair, but scalp already can be seen in places.

Beginning of the effect of the vitamin for hair growth and duration

The first month you can see still no difference. Only the skin is possibly a little flushed at the application and feels better circulation through. In the second month, the first thin hair fall out and be replaced by thicker hair. In time it may be the wrong impression, losing more hair than WINS. This gives fast and you need just a few months of patience, until you can see the full success.

The success of continuous treatment with minoxidil is visible at the latest after 6 months. If the daily application is longer stops, is the danger that the newly won back lost hair and fall back on the State, with which it has started.


Finasteride is the responsible agent of Probetia tablets, which can achieve a hair loss stop daily ingested, and also slightly improve hair growth. It belongs to the artificial steroids and blocked so the body-own testosterone to its conversion into a steroid that inhibits the growth of hair. So degrade the hair in the growth phase is less.

Finasteride has two application areas:

  • Treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate
  • Stop of hereditary hair loss compared to male hormones

The dosage

The daily dose is 1 mg daily caused by hereditary hair loss compared to testosterone.


Controversial studies effect of finasteride is not without danger. One of the active ingredient is shrinking the prostate and on the other hand dangerous variants of prostate cancer detected often after ingestion of finasteride. A correlation between finasteride and prostate cancer is not proven. Children, adolescents, and pregnant women should not take finasteride.

Causes hereditary-related hair loss

A resolution of the hardening of collagen on the skin occurs in hereditary hair loss, help in these cases usually repeatedly newer remedy against these collagen deposits are placed on the market. In addition, food should be take to itself, which is fortified with biotin (possibly nuts and even cauliflower, which should be not too much cooked).

Mentally reasonable hair loss
The hair loss due to stress is caused or psychologically very stressful, a dermatologist should be consulted first, performing a blood test to detect certain deficiencies. Then the right therapist can help or give tips

Hair loss during pregnancy

In pregnancy, slightly more hair than usual are held by the increased Östogenproduktion in the growth phase. Therefore, pregnant women have mostly also so beautiful, thick and lustrous hair. After the birth of the estrogen level drops quickly and especially many hairs go into the resting phase and fall out after a maximum of 6 months. The daily wash your hair with a mild shampoo helps pregnancies. After birth usually only the hair stronger, which would have been otherwise anyway. Vitamin-B products in the diet can be very helpful.

Thyroid and hair loss

The thyroid hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine, which have a direct influence on hair-forming cells in the human body through metabolism are responsible for falling out of the hair. An overactive of thyroid gland is expressed by thinner, finer and brüchiger hair. As relatively early in the resting phase, the hair the hairs are not too long. With an underActive of thyroid, hair seem dull, dull, dry and brittle. The hair density and hair diameters can be reduced

Hair loss caused by the pill

Progestins are similar to the pregnancy hormone progesterone and could be responsible for hair loss. Some progestins that act like male hormones (androgens effect), can phone out hair loss a possible improvement of the hair loss may be switching to a pill with low progestin content.

More reasons for hair loss

  • Increased wearing of headwear
  • Long-lasting tension on the hair
  • Skin infections caused by use of closed helmets

Price - cost in euro: 

40 - 80


MethodDrugs minoxidil and finasteride
Cost40 to 80 Euro monthly
Applicationhormonally-related hair loss in men, once a day


  • Shrink the prostate
  • Not during pregnancy
  • No in the lactation
  • Absorption through the skin possible
ResultGood improvement after 6 months. Hair loss stop as long as the medicines are taken


For your dermatologist to get a first overview of your actual hair loss, you collect all the fancy hair before the appointment for a period of 1 week. A loss is normal up to 100 hairs per day.

So, you and the dermatologist can test her hair on causes of hair loss:

  • Tensile test. Leave a few hair pulling. The lower the tension worse
  • Comb test. Check the structure of the hair and the appearance of the skin in several places.
  • Brush against the direction of hair growth. It should remain less than 10 hairs.
  • Break test: Hair between fingers rub until they eventually break.
  • Blood test for thyroid dysfunction or iron deficiency.
  • Trichogram. Compare hair in and outside of the failure zone
  • Trichoscan. Hair, area shaved off is colorized, photographed and examined.

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Monday, January 20, 2014 - 21:08

Huhu Maja,

ich kenn das von meinem Mann :) Er hat sich allerdings eine Haarverpflanzung machen lassen. Das ist 3 Jahre her und sieht noch ganz gut aus:)) Es hat allerdings ein 8-9 Monate gedauert bis die Haare alle gewachsen sind. Seit der Haarverpflanzung benutzt er Regaine zur Unterstützung. Das Mittelchen wirkt tatsächlich und kann man sowohl für Männer als auch für Frauen kaufen (kanpp 80 Euro 3er Pack für 4-6 Monate).

Comment count: 2
Thursday, January 14, 2016 - 17:53

Hallo zusammen,

Eine 5% Minoxidil Lösung hilft auf jeden Fall den Haarausfall stark zu verlangsamen. So verändert sich ab dem Zeitpunkt wenn Du es nimmst der Haaransatz kaum noch. Ich bürste dann unterstützend auch noch die Haare, so dass die Kopfhaut zusätzlich noch gut durchblutet wird.

Ob Minoxidil bei dir wirkt kannst Du beim Allgemein Mediziner feststellen lassen. In der Regel hilft es aber. Der einzige Nachteil ist halt, dass Du es Dein Leben lang anwenden musst und das sind dann im Monat mind. 20 Euro und im Jahr 240 Euro mit denen ich auch ganz andere schöne Sachen kaufen hätte können.

Als 5% Lösung gibt es viele Hersteller. Das ist dann Geschmackssache. Bei mir wirkt es jedenfalls gut seit 4 Jahren, nachdem ich mit 44 bereits deutliche Geheimratsecken hatte.


Comment count: 8
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 21:40


ich hatte die Erfahrung gemacht, dass Minoxidil bereits nach 3 Monaten schon anfängt zu wirken und die kahlen Stellen am Kopf dann langsam mit Flaum sich gefüllt haben. Eine Erfahrung, die ich aber auch gemacht habe ist, dass alles nichts bringt, wenn man extremen Stress ausgesetzt ist. Dann half bei mir selbst die Minoxidil Kur nichts.

Eine Haarverpflanzung hatte ich auch schon in Betracht gezogen. Minoxidil half bei mir zum Beispiel gar nichts am vorderen Schläfenbereich. Scheint nach meinen bisherigen Recherchen auch so zu sein, dass das wirklich was bringt zumindest für einen Zeitraum von ein paar Jahren.

Grüsse Alan

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Friday, August 23, 2019 - 12:59

Mittlerweile gibt es die Möglichkeit die Haare samt Haarwurzeln auszustanzen. Dann wächst an der Stelle ganz sicher das Haar nicht mehr. Und der Vorteil dabei ist, dass die entnommenen Haare dann an andere Stellen transplantiert werden können. So hat sich meine Schwester in Türkei die Haarlinie tiefer setzen lassen und ist gleichzeitig die Haare im Gesicht losgeworden. Die Behandlung war vor einem Jahr und das Ergebnis ist echt toll. Allerdings war es trotz lokaler Betäubung ganz schön schmerzhaft. Wer das akzeptiert, der kann mit einem Eingriff gleich zwei Probleme lösen :)
GLG Arjen

Comment count: 6
Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 19:32


aktuelle Haarverpflanzungsmethoden versprechen, dass fast alle Haare dauerhaft nach der Verpflanzung verbleiben. Ich kenne Leute bei denen haben die neu verpflanzten Haare auch nach 5 Jahren noch gut ausgesehen. Und ich kenne Leute bei denen ist die Haarverpflanzung so schlecht gelaufen, dass sie sich seit dem nur noch täglich eine Glatze rasieren. Ich habe mir zwar selbst noch keine Haare verpflanzen lassen, aber ich bin der Meinung, dass es stark davon abhängt, wie der Haarausfall genetisch bedingt ist und wie gut die Ärzte die Transplantate behandeln. Wenn man dann dafür ein paar Tausend Euro ausgibt, sollte es einem klar sein, dass das Verfahren nicht immer erfolgreich ist.
LG Sharx

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