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Hair loss


Whether male or female, each carries about 100 000 hair on the head, which each in turn 5 years grows. The monthly growth of hair is about 1 cm. Despite all fears, a daily hair loss by approx. 70 to even approximately 130 hair is normality.

In men, the hair loss shows especially in the "receding hairline" and later a whirl bald.

Women only a general thin er hair is to notice, that can well be laminated by a good stylists.

Pathological causes of a hair loss can be

  • endocrine (most common cause)
  • hereditary
  • for bald areas science blames a certain weakness of the immune system (one speaks of inflammation around the hair follicles)
  • stressful, extremely private or business issues are often called as the cause, but never scientifically proven
  • lack of important nutrients such as zinc and iron


Hereditary hair loss (mainly 10% - 20% for women) held a resolution of the hardening of collagen on the skin, help in these cases usually repeatedly newer remedy against these collagen deposits are placed on the market. In addition, food should be take to itself, which is fortified with biotin (possibly nuts and even cauliflower, which should be not too much cooked).

The hair loss is strong or very mentally stressful, a dermatologist should be consulted first, performing among other things also a blood test to determine certain deficiencies.

A daily wash your hair with a mild shampoo helps pregnancies, use natural products whenever possible. After birth usually only the hair stronger, which would have been otherwise anyway. Vitamin-B products in the diet (Brewer's yeast, wheat germ, etc.) can be very helpful.

Contributor for hair loss can also be: by train action on the hair (bind such as pigtail or ponytail hairstyle), by constantly wearing of a cap (sister hood, etc.) or any other pressure on the hair. From the medical side, you can call even gland disorders (E.g. thyroid) or infections caused by protection or motorcycle helmets on the scalp.

The circular hair loss, most substances that interfere with the immune processes (Defense) of the body work, E.g. repeatedly adrenal cortical hormones (steroids) are called. As a tincture or cream applied on the passage in question. Still more radiation with ultraviolet light can be combined with massages.


Recipes generally stronger hair loss

Monthly oil Pack

Wash the hair and massage slightly warmed olive now 8 drops of lavender, Rosemary, Sage oil, to 50 g, which was previously well mixed. Then place the plastic film on the hair and towel in heated. This oil mixture should be about 2 hours on the head, before you rinse and wash the hair slightly.


Oil massage

Rosemary oil with 5 drops of Basil oil mix 5 drops, add to 30 ml avocado oil. Strong heat in a water bath. Massaging, approximately 0.5 0.75 hours of leave, then carefully wash out.


Solutions for hormonally related hair loss


A 2 to 5 percent minoxidil solution for external use improves blood circulation of the skin. Recommended for use with circular hair loss, but not in the eyebrow area. Finasteride is the responsible agent of Probetia tablets, which can achieve a hair loss stop daily ingested, and also slightly improve hair growth.


Self hair transplantation

Increasingly, also an outpatient hair transplantation is carried out. It is advisable to perform this operation only with natural hair because synthetic hair is often not accepted by the body.


methodmedications (minoxidil and finasteride)
cost40 to 80 Euro monthly
applicationhormonally related hair loss in men, once a day
resultgood improvement after 6 to 12 months. Hair loss stop as long as drugs are taken
methodself hair transplantation
cost3000 to 5000 Euro
resultvery good, lasting improvement
methodoil massage
costsa few euros
applicationgenerally thinner hair, once a week
resultslittle improvement after months
methodoil Pack
costsa few euros
applicationgenerally thinner hair, once a month
Result ofslight improvement after months


Healthy skin and good blood values:

  • balanced diet
  • many minerals and vitamins
  • for women may be a hormone replacement

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