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Laugh lines treatment


The aging of the skin begins from the age of 25. The skin becomes less elastic due to various factors of influence. With advancing age the effects can be compensated so that less weight fluctuations on the skin. Light active oxygen and free radicals caused by UVA. This process produced enzymes that damage the collagen in the skin. The damage to the collagen fibers leads to wrinkling.

Collagen is a decisive element for the elastic properties of the skin and ensures elasticity of connective tissue with stability and elastin. The further that aging process is progressing, the less collagen and elastin is located in the skin tissue, because are always less often within the cells and regenerate.

Fat and water content of the skin also decrease with increasing age. Genetic factors may also play a role. Depending on the genetic predisposition early increasingly produced a protein, that significantly affects the skin aging process. Blocking the protein the skin regains elasticity.

Laugh lines causes

There are the following influence factors for the formation of the laugh lines in the face:

Biological aging

  • Formation of less collagen
  • Lower share of hyaluronic acid
  • Loss of elastin
  • Less sebum
  • Low water content

UV light

  • Damage to collagen
  • Formation of free radicals
  • Damage to the skin cells
  • Favoring of skin cancer

Genetic skin aging

  • Formation of proteins
  • Acceleration of aging

Living conditions

  • Stress
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Nutrition
  • Heat
  • Cold


The collagen extracted from cattle skin is often used for injections in folds and creases. In the human body, collagen is the most abundant protein with over 30% of all proteins. It is an integral part of the connective tissue and skin. Can be a few weeks before the injection in the forearm collagen inject a small dose is, to see whether the material is tolerated. Today's collagen does unfortunately only 6 months up to 1 year before it is broken down by the body. After that must be injected new. You can Dodge on hyaluronic acid on collagen intolerance.


Elastin is a structural protein that is responsible for form and cohesion in the skin. The protein ensures the elongation of large blood vessels. The composition of elastin is similar to collagen. Elastin is a protein network and consists of interconnected units of elastin. The amino acid lysine is responsible for networking. Unlike collagen, elastin is elastically stretchable.

Fat against laugh lines

Autologous fat injections and his previous withdrawal can be made in a single operation. By centrifugation, the fat of blood and tissue fragments is separated, cleaned, processed and injected directly into the problem areas. With the FAMI injections (facial autograft muscle injection) the fat cells in the skin areas with strongly perfused tissue will be injected. The blood vessels grow into the transplanted fat tissue and ensure a long-lasting result. The fat can be removed from the abdomen or from the hip.

Hyaluronic acid for the face wrinkles

First, an analgesic cream is applied and then the hyaluronic acid is injected into the previously matched areas with a fine needle. The treatment is largely pain-free through the cream. After the injection, the lips are cooled immediately to prevent swelling and bleeding or minimal to keep.

  • Cell responses by hyaluronic acid cause cell divisions.
  • Hyaluronic acid is an important part of the connective tissue.
  • The pressure resistance of hyaluronhaltigen tissue is enormous.
  • Hyaluronic acid can bind also very much water.
  • Hyaluronic acid is used as a lubricant in joints

An injections with hyaluronic acid is much more effective than creams, because the skin can absorb only a small part of a cream permanently.

Laugh lines with Botox under spray

The botulinum solution is injected into the concerned muscle millimeter. This injection must be carried out professionally, to produce no temporary or permanent paralysis in the face.

Botulinum toxin inhibits the transmission of the nerve to the muscle, which always have the movement ability of the muscle decreases depending on the dosage of venom. Botulinum are toxins produced by bacteria. Not more as usual tense the muscle after injection, other nerve functions such as feeling are not affected.

Laugh lines operate

Laugh lines can be corrected in the context of a face lift. The SMAS lift stands for "superficial musculo Aponeurotic system"-a layer of muscle connective tissue, which is located in the subcutaneous layer of the skin of face and neck. The connective tissue at this point is thin but very tensile strength and suitable for a face lift. The face can be particularly effective lift with the correction of the SMAS. It is raised (face lifting), rather than only tightened (Rhytidectomy).

Home remedies for wrinkles

Home remedies and creams have only a very small and short lasting effect against the formation of wrinkles. Typical recommendations based on fruit acids, oil or flower extracts.

  • Lemon juice mix honey with a teaspoon and give the egg white of one egg. Again rinse off after 20 minutes.
  • Puree a half avocado and stir slightly cold-pressed olive oil to. Applying the mass on the face and let it soak there 20 minutes.
  • Ginger oil into the skin rub
  • Place Apple slices on the affected areas of skin and soak for 20 minutes
  • Untreated lemon zest on the areas of skin rub
  • Facial steam bath with chamomile, lime blossom, Sage. During a steam bath, massaging lightly the skin.
  • Five teaspoons let boil lime in half a liter of water and pull. Pour through a sieve and leave to cool. Soak a cloth and 20 minutes on the face.
  • Marigold flower bath with 35 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Yogurt and honey in the 2-to-1 ratio mix on the skin apply, at least 20 minutes to soak and tepid good wash.

Eye cream for wrinkles

Eye creams against wrinkles, laugh lines in particular, accumulate the skin only with fat and moisture. The skin increases the absorption of fat and water in volume and less wrinkled. The effect is however not permanently and only 1 to 2 days. Active ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 and retinol, however protect against free radicals and may be delayed to at least the aging of the skin.

Anti-wrinkle amino acids

A balanced diet of some amino acids can slow down the aging process. The amino acid plays an important role in energy metabolism and is responsible for the renewal in the skin. Creatine is also involved in the development of collagen and elastin.

Facial exercises for wrinkles

A regular facial gymnastics optimises blood circulation of the connective tissue of the skin. The skin cells are supplied with nutrients and oxygen. The renewal and the removal of tissue of the lymphatic system is something improved. Exercises to do this can be found in various Web portals. With a regular performing of the exercises for a few minutes light slows down the aging process of the skin.

Price - cost in euro: 

150 - 300


Operation kind

BOTOX treatment sample with local anesthesia, cold

Operation duration

A few minutes up to 1 hour


If little impact is occurring after 1-2 weeks of AZT should be sought to make observe any subsequent injection


Depending on the experience of the physician.

Ability to work

Right away


  • Swelling, itching, bruising (relief through cool compresses)

  • flu-like symptoms for a short time

  • unnatural appearance when too much Botox was injected

  • not exactly equal treatment, for example in the forehead, can cause uneven appearance, the same applies to the mouth area


First application approximately 4 months. The following applications approx. 6 months

Health insurance fund

Usually no support


Prevention of skin ageing:

  • Appropriate sun protection factor
  • Adequate sleep
  • Movement
  • Healthy diet
  • Little alcohol
  • Nicotine waiver
  • Reduce stress
  • Creams containing antioxidants (Q10, vitamin C/E, retinol)
  • Creams with minerals and trace elements (magnesium, zinc, copper,...)

Start the treatment with 25 to remain youthful longer

The aging of the skin begins from the age of 25. The skin becomes less elastic due to different factors of influence. Who starts so early against skin aging to work may thus delay the formation of wrinkles and looks more young.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 08:56

In meiner letzten Praxis in Berlin sind die Preise eigentlich ganz gut.
300 Euro Botox
200 Hyaluronsäure
330 Collagen
1000 Eigenfett (macht dafür ja keinen Sinn)
ich bin da schon deutlich teurer gefahren. Ich denke das kannst Du so als Durchschnitt für die Unterspritzung setzen.

Comment count: 6
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 20:24


Also bei einer Unterspritzung in Deutschland mit Hyaluronsäure zahlt man bei Krähenfüßen und sonstigen Gesichtsfalten über Lippenkorrekturen bis hin zu Narben für einfache Behandlungen pro Problemzone ca. 300 Euro. Wenn Du es mit Botox noch kombinierst bist Du schnell 1000 Euro los. Im Ausland kann es unter erhöhtem Risiko etwas mehr wie die Hälte kosten. Wenn Dein Arzt deutlich mehr will, würde ich mir das erklären lassen und in Foren nachfragen :)

Comment count: 6
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 21:54

Wenn man sich als heller Hauttyp oft in die pralle Sonne legt und später dann wundert, dass die Altersflecken früh und stark erscheinen ist das echt nur komisch. Die viele UV Strahlung schädigt die Haut ja nachhaltig und nicht nur einen Sommer lang, das kann man dann nicht einfach so wieder wegpeelen. Ein starkes chemisches Peeling ist dann zusätzlich noch eine Verletzung der Haut, die man sich auch noch freiwillig selbst zu fügt. Was mit so einer Haut dann im Alter passiert ist sicher krankhafter als eine Haut die lange vor UV Strahlung geschützt und weniger oft verletzt wurde. Ich bin mir sicher, dass ein intelligenter Umgang mit Strahlung durch Sonnenschutz weit mehr bringt als jede Bleichcreme und Peeling. Ich bin so jedenfalls meine Sommersprossen an den Händen und im Gesicht losgeworden.

LG Ronja

Comment count: 10
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 21:40

Hi ,
ich habe letzten Herbst und Winter meine Hände durchgehend mit einer Bleichcreme behandelt. Bis die Flecken etwas bleicher wurden hat es schon viele Wochen gedauert. Es wurden aber nicht nur die Flecken bleicher, sondern die ganze Haut, was aber beim Übergang vom Herbst in den Winter auch nichts besonderes ist.
Die Flecken waren erst kurz vor dem Beginn des Frühlings etwas stärker als sonst im Vergleich zu ihrer Umgebung gebleicht. Diesen Sommer kamen aber viele der Flecken wieder an der gleichen Stelle wie im Jahr zuvor. Der einzige Unterschied war, dass kleinere Flecken nicht mehr an den alten Stellen zu sehen waren. Insgesamt ist es mir den Aufwand nicht mehr wert.
GLG Ella

Comment count: 10
Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 21:19

Lieben Dank für Euere Posts! Ich denke ich werde einfach mal den Arzt wechseln und eine Kombination aus Hyaluronsäre und Botox versuchen. Vielleicht bringt das bei mir ja einen längeren Effekt.
LGL an alle M.

Comment count: 6