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plastic surgery-center.de formed a team of dedicated physicians and combines Web designer since 1999. The realization of the portal is based primarily on the generous support of some specialists in plastic surgery from the Munich area and free editors from the healthcare sector.


Decision-making for operations intended to extensive information, especially on the subject of "Plastic surgery". Thematically sorted data is processed as a clear, understandable to the patient information, optimally informed on the appointment at the doctor's Office to prepare the patient. A special focus is also on the forums, blogs and social networks, where experiences, questions and answers on all topics are discussed, and thus constitute a supplement to the information.


plastische-chirurgie-center.de | Roderer & Roderer GbR


Mathias-Duschl-Strasse 9f, 82140 Olching


08142 6678265


08142 6678265

Managing Director

Reinhard H. H. Roderer (partner)

Deputy Managing Director

Alfred P. B. Roderer (partner)

Editor in Chief
(V.i.S.d. MDStV HH)

Reinhard H. H. Roderer

Deputy Editor in Chief

Christa Edigna


Kerstin Büchner


Britta Vogel


Manuel Fonseca


Michael Weichert

Art Director

Christian Arx

Deputy Art Director

Wolfgang Goldmann


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Plastic Surgery Center
Account number: 65 46 11 47 5
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Bank: HypoVereinsbank
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All image rights of the plastische-chirurgie-center.de Web portal are photographs / illustrations by GettyImages, Photos.com and composing of aid-webdesign. Other image rights are noted separately on the pages. Programming, editorial content:
© 2020 aid-webdesign, Roderer & Roderer GbR, plastische-chirurgie-center.de

General terms and conditions 

With the use of the plastische-chirurgie-center.de you below the terms and conditions of the operator of this Web site acknowledge called plastische-chirurgie-center.de.

§ 1

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the plastische-chirurgie-center.de. Changes, additions, or deviating conditions of the buyer require the written confirmation by plastische-chirurgie-center.de.

§ 2

Technical and editorial collaborations exist to extend the range of plastische-chirurgie-center.de. This information is dynamically linked content, for which our partners are responsible. The platform operator is not liable for the actions or content of the cooperation partners.

§ 3

Exclusion of liability
On the sites, links to other Internet sites are www.plastische-chirurgie-center.de and others to this offer of associated domains. over which we have no influence on the design and content of these pages. Therefore we dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from all contents of these pages. This declaration applies for all links to external pages found on our pages and all content of the pages to which these links lead.

§ 4

Liability for content
Our editorial offices used to present great care information always up to date in an understandable form. However, since the research in medicine is constantly progressing we cannot guarantee, that our entire range is always up to date. Errors and changes cannot be ruled out therefore. All contents of this domain are intended for general informational purposes only. Our offer can and should not constitute a substitute for professional advice or treatment by qualified physicians, naturopaths, or plastische-chirurgie-center.de. The operator urged all users with health problems, if necessary always to consult a doctor or plastische-chirurgie-center.de. Under no circumstances, treatments should be independently initiated, canceled or changed. The content of plastische-chirurgie-center.de must and can be used for the creation of an independent diagnosis or for the selection and application of treatment methods. For damage or other problems caused by the use or misuse of our information, the stalemate form operator - can be neither directly nor indirectly - held accountable. It can takes no responsibility for the content of publicly accessible, interactive forums. Because it is open, interactive forums, it is not possible to control widespread comments in the Forum the operator. The operator however expressly reserves the right to delete posts without notice. plastische-chirurgie-center.de assumes no liability for unsolicited manuscripts, graphics, or photos. Bylined articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner. The content of this website is copyright protected. Reproduction, storage and reproduction are permitted only with the explicit, written permission of plastische-chirurgie-center.de. The use of the contents for private use is permitted in certain cases. The operator assumes no liability for misprints and errors in the Internet program. We encourage all users, pornographic, immoral, advertiser, useless, wrong or in any other way to find inappropriate or offensive content at the email address technik@plastische-chirurgie-center.de .

§ 5

Communication and users
All incoming emails, requests and submissions that are sent by users on the platform must be provided with the name and address of the sender. The content of this platform are intended only for persons domiciled in the Federal Republic of Germany. No claims of the user to the operator or the connected partners resulting from the use of plastische-chirurgie-center.de and others about this offer of associated domains.

§ 6

Consent to the processing of personal data
I agree that the personal data that are specified in the context of the registration procedure, the initiation and settlement of the conclusion of the contract or updated by me are stored by plastische-chirurgie-center.de and each partner involved in the business process. In addition, I agree that plastische-chirurgie-center.de may process this data to the establishment, processing and processing of my use relationship and use. I agree to this purpose in the transmission and processing of my data between the plastische-chirurgie-center.de affiliated companies and partners. I agree, the plastische-chirurgie-center.de uses my personal data for marketing purposes such as sending emails with General information or advertisements. If you do not want to receive this information, you have at any time this information to order the option on our website. I agree that plastische-chirurgie-center.de may predominant interests in the investigation of abuse of the Internet platform and to the prosecution about the end of the contractual relationship, processing my personal data, use, injured third parties submit to law enforcement agencies, as well as their rights exist to document actual evidence such abuse of the Internet platform, in particular by setting illegal articles. I can revoke this Declaration of consent with effect for the future at any time by sending an E-mail to technik@plastische-chirurgie-center.de .

§ 7

Shop (start 2020)
The shop is used by several partners. plastische-chirurgie-center.de excludes all liability in connection with the shop. The ordering customer is not the contractual partner of plastische-chirurgie-center.de but each vendor. By submitting the order, you include either a purchase agreement with plastische-chirurgie-center.de, still creates an obligation for plastische-chirurgie-center.de otherwise. plastische-chirurgie-center.de is not responsible that the ordered goods are actually delivered by the respective provider.

§ 8

plastische-chirurgie-center.de jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction for all disputes with plastische-chirurgie-center.de out of this contractual relationship is for merchants and people who have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, Munich.

General conditions for all contracts, deliveries and services between plastische-chirurgie-center.de and the customer:

§ 9

Conclusion of the contract
plastische-chirurgie-center.de, especially product presentations of the offers online offers are subject to change and represent an invitation to the customer to make an offer. The appointment is made by submitting the completed order form in the online proceedings. The contract is concluded when offering received the customer's plastische-chirurgie-center.de or the provider by E-Mail has been confirmed. The order greater than normal household quantities requires ordering by fax and written confirmation of the provider.

§ 10

We assume no liability for misprints, errors in the Internet applications and hardware problems.

§ 11

Prices and products from plastische-chirurgie-center.de
All offers are subject to change. Subject and prescription medicines and medical devices the sale and shipment of plastische-chirurgie-center.de is omitted from our online shop, which is prohibited by law. The personal consultation and delivery of these products by pharmaceutical personnel must be guaranteed for good reason. Prices are gross, so including the valid value added tax specified in the shop.

§ 12

Shipping, shipping
The current delivery, please refer to the data to do this, see our resort store. Offers third parties in the shop, can have different conditions. Please, remove it from the corresponding provider.

§ 13

Payment of products from the range of plastische-chirurgie-center.de
Payment can be made against payment in advance or by credit card (Visa, euro/master card, American Express). The purchase price is the option "Prepayment" immediately, otherwise with delivery of the goods due. It consists of the specified gross prices incl. value added tax therein. The packaging is included in the price. The customer selects the option payment in advance, the total of the confirmed order is to transfer on the account that you will find in our resort store. If the ordering party is in default of payment, default interest in the amount of 5% above the respective base interest rate of the European Central Bank are available to the Produktanbeiter. The product provider can prove higher default damages he is entitled to assert these. No receipt of payment within 10 days, takes place with the payment in advance of the order is deleted automatically.

§ 14

Your order will be confirmed by E-Mail and promptly edited. Delivery of the goods is the processing time of the post plus 2 working days normally. With the delivery of the goods in stock, plastische-chirurgie-center.de fulfilled the contractual main duty and the performance and price risk passes to the purchaser. Partial deliveries are permitted. This no additional postage or packaging costs for the customer. The delivery times are non-binding.

§ 15

International shipments
Deliveries to countries outside the EU are provided with description of the contents and value of information. All applicable customs and import duties, as well as the costs for the return for non-acceptance shall be borne by the recipient. National import regulations for the respective products are to be observed by the customer. plastische-chirurgie-center.de assumes no responsibility for the compliance of our products with national directives and regulations outside the EU.

§ 16

Complaints due to inadequately or incorrectly supplied goods, due to obvious or visible defects must be notified immediately and within one week after receipt of the goods in writing by letter or e-mail. Defective goods will be replaced free of charge. The plastische-chirurgie-center.de is entitled to the replacement. Hidden defects must be reported immediately after detection. Only and as far as the delivered products lack a guaranteed property, exists in cases of intent or gross negligence, plastische-chirurgie-center.de is liable according to the statutory provisions on claims for damages for non-performance. Furthermore, plastische-chirurgie-center.de pursuant to statutory regulations only liable if she should culpably violate a material contractual duty. Then recommend, the liability for damages is limited to the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. In addition, the liability for damages is excluded. In particular, the plastische-chirurgie-center.de is not liable for damage not caused to the delivered product. The mandatory provisions of the product liability Act shall remain unaffected. The warranty period is six months from the transfer of risk.

§ 17

The customer has the right to set-off only if he has legal counterclaims or this is expressly recognized by the plastische-chirurgie-center.de.

§ 18

Reservation of proprietary rights
The goods delivered to the purchaser until full payment of all claims against the purchaser in the property remains the plastische-chirurgie-center.de. The customer is not entitled to resell the goods in the ordinary course of business.

§ 19

Data protection
Is known to the buyer, and he agrees that his personal data necessary for order and order processing on disk in accordance with the Federal data protection (BDSG) and the Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG) be stored and kept confidential. Other regulations above.

Article 20

Name and address of the supplier
Please refer the respective offer in our Department Forum.

§ 21

Applicable law and Salvtorische clause
Only German law applies to the relationship between users and operators of this platform.

section 22

Severability clause
The ineffectiveness not affect one or more of the conditions agreed the legal validity of the remaining provisions. In case of the invalidity of the regulation applies.

If you can not accept the above mentioned conditions for the use of this platform or want we ask you not to take advantage of our offer and to leave this site.

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