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Liposuction abdomen


The adipose tissue is located between the muscle and the upper DermIS. As a first step in spray 0.5 to several gallons of a mixture of sterile water, a narcotic, sodium bicarbonate, and usually some cortisone in the subcutaneous fat tissue. This will numb the area and the fat cells connect with the emulsion, which simply out flush to this and let suck off. Veins, vessels and nerves, which run through the fatty tissue remain.

In women, the lower fat tissue, usually in the lower abdomen, the hips, under the bottom side of the chest and upper arms is up. Men have the problem most frequently at the waist. The male fat tissue is denser than that of women, therefore, a so-called "pot belly" can be corrected by a liposuction.
Between 40 and 45 years of age, the problem that the elasticity is no longer available in this mass as that she soon could drop after a major weight loss on the new size is in the human skin. The doctor and the patient opt for a procedure you must observe the degeneration of the skin and may then perform a skin tightening can be.
The liposuction on the stomach or waist, almost always a general anesthetic is required. Depending on the region and the extent of liposuction surgery in local anesthesia or in the twilight sleep can perform. After the surgery, a bodice must be worn day and night for 4 to 6 weeks.

Directly prior to surgery, you should make no intensive diet, since otherwise the OP is hampered by the increased skin folds and may adversely affect the results. It is better with balanced diet and exercise to prepare for the OP.

After the surgery, should it not fall back into its old schema, but try to adjust and operate according to sports nutrition.

Price - cost in euro: 

2500 - 4000


Operation kind

usually under local anesthesia

Operation duration

Depending on the size of the intervention 1-3 hours

Stay in the clinic

Outpatient, Max 1 day

Resultassessed after 2-4 months
Ability to workDepending on the procedure 2 to 6 weeks
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Infection, haemorrhage
  • Sensory disturbances in the operated area
  • Tearing the muscle seams (with increased cough)
  • Circulatory problems
  • Allergic reactions to the fluid to flush the fat cells (rash, nausea)
  • SCAR Ridge
Durabilitypermanently, but depending on the leadership of the lifestyle
Health insuranceassumes the cost, only medical indexed cases rarely


Prior to surgery:

  • 10 Days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 Days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption
  • Forego hormone medications or birth control pills

After the surgery:

  • Compression bras are for 8 weeks. Also noticeably shorter with micro needles.
  • Shower 2 weeks avoid no sunlight and hot tubs and saunas for a few months,
  • 3 Months no sports or other heavy physical work
  • Abstain from cigarettes and alcohol for several weeks

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