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Methods of liposuction


Several methods allow, remove fat deposits at desired locations to allow women as well as men. Liposuction are typically 2 to 4 liters (in exceptional cases up to 6 liters) removed, which the contour aesthetically improving. During the operation, the extracted fat is measured so that the surgeon can remove evenly much fat. Liposuction is not suitable, desire for a significant decrease in weight to meet the, as per session only up to 5-6 litres of fat be suctioned, cause no health damage.

Mainly on the hips, abdomen, knees inside, absorbing. Sankey, cheeks, Chin, legs, and upper arms this intervention required. Also the so-called love handles for men can be removed with this method well, whereas the "pot belly" is not operational, only a bewisste diet and exercise will help.
A greater amount of fat to be sucked, this must be planned over several sessions. This increases the cost though, but the interventions are so detrimental to health because each liposuction greatly strained the cycle.
An elastic skin is naturally the best conditions for a successful surgery, therefore the successes in the elderly are not as large as the elasticity of the skin from 40.

Fat extraction methods at a glance

Tumescent method
Here, with a physiological saline solution, stunned the area concerned a local anesthetic and epinephrine and liquefies the fat cells. The adrenaline causes it to no major bleeding. With this solution, a swelling is provoked, therefore is the injection just under the skin in the adipose tissue. This solution (up to 6 litres) is given by infusion system and takes approximately 30-60 minutes. Assuming that 6 liter injected solution fat may occur approximately 2-2,5 liters. The intervention can be done possibly as an outpatient, administered only a sedative to relax, but you want more and more general (essential for larger procedures), to not having to hear the operation.
This procedure uses a tube with a small diameter, this is a small skin incision for the introduction. The solution is injected into the fat now loosens up the fat cells in the connective tissue and is bulging. The surgeon performs now forward and backward with the needle, causing the tissue is broken down. During the operation, the fat cells burst and the doctor can drain the mixture of fat and tissue residue.
The patients recover very quickly from the surgery with a small needle. Then, request pain medication can be administered. The patients are usually after 2-3 days again capable of work, if no skin tightening is carried out. The Tumescent method occur less bruising and generally cosmetically good results.

Ultrasonic method
Mainly, this method with more existing connective tissue (E.g. for men on the chest or in the women on the back) is performed.
The adipose tissue is moved with an imported long thin probe. The fat cells are destroyed by the ultrasonic waves. The pure fat can then be extracted with the tissue fluid.
The Gewebeschonende method is used primarily to remove solid fat or finishing operations of already carried out liposuction.

Dry method
Is performed mostly in sleep anesthesia. After introduction of the needle, a vacuum pump is connected to the, the skin of the subcutaneous fatty tissue is replaced as the Tumescent method and forward and backward movements of the needle the fat cells of the connective tissue caused and then sucked. The skin pulls back after recent surgery. During and after the surgery hydration in the form of infusions is maintained. The procedure can be repeated after about 6 months.

Usually after absorbing. Carried out 70% system, i.e. in the first intervention 70% fat is removed, after at least 10-18 weeks in turn 70% of the remaining tissue and then again by the residual tissue 70%. The Jolt technique can be performed without general anesthesia. The method, vibrating needles be used instead of vacuum tubes. Shaking of the cannula causes dissolve fat cells better and therefore the tissue is spared.


All methods 
Types of operationssee below
Ability to workAfter approx. 1 week depending on the chosen method and the type of work
  • Dents, asymmetries, muscle and nerve injuries
  • Movement restrictions, Pelzigkeit and bruising
  • Numbness can be months
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Infection, haemorrhage
  • Sensory disturbances in the operated area
  • Tearing the muscle seams (with increased cough)
  • Circulatory problems
  • Allergic reactions to the fluid to flush the fat cells (rash, nausea)
  • SCAR Ridge
  • Burns due to improper handling of the ultrasonic device, phlebitis
Resultassessed after about 2-6 months
CorrectionsAfter about 6 months at the earliest
CostDepending on the area approximately 3000-12000 euro, it should be discussed in advance all costs (also about the space use, vet bills, treatment etc.)


Prior to surgery:

  • Patients must be relatively healthy
  • ideal age between 20 and 40 years, since the skin may form back faster
  • every single cigarette can delay healing, so stop also at least 14 days in advance
  • no blood coagulation products or alcohol 14 days before surgery

After the surgery:

  • Depending on the type of operation between 2-8 day and night wear compression associations weeks
  • about 2-3 months no sauna, no heavy physical work, but swimming is allowed
  • drink a lot
  • at least 3-4 months after the intervention of roles-suction massages

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