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Permanently removing hair by laser


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Hair with the help of laser technologies, HPL or IPL removal is a best practice to curb the unwanted hair growth. The roots of the hair damaged by the laser no longer grow back if the treatment over a period of approximately 4 to 6 months will be repeated, so that the hair during its growth phase will be abandoned.

Nevertheless, the skin can make new hair, then first of all not uniformly flat, but only a few growing, from elsewhere.

The new hairs are just thin and inconspicuous at the beginning. Removing the newly formed hair is much faster and easier than with traditional shaving and epilation. Over the years, and with each subsequent shaving the separately distributed hair are strong and it will happen more. Because even occasional hair on the skin provide not a pretty picture, you must decide again after a few years, whether pursuing a new treatment. Therefore, hair removal providers offer partial subscriptions or memberships for a permanent treatment.

Hair lasers, IPL and HPL

A day before the treatment you should shave the desired areas of the skin. Prior to application, the skin is examined for possible complications or risks.

For an IPL treatment, you get goggles and it is first applied to the skin a contact gel. The gel provides a much more pleasant time during and after the treatment, because the skin is cooled directly after heating by laser.

In the context of a professional application, checks the specialist with short treatment units, whether the skin is allergic and as far as possible adjusts the settings.

If the skin shows no abnormalities, then starts the real deal. Here, the laser in the affected area of the skin is pulled slowly through the gel layer and you can feel light bites and a slight burning, which increases with the duration of treatment.

A laser sends high-energy light of a special wavelength, which is bundled on the skin to be treated and desolate as the roots of the hair. Several sessions must be scheduled for a good result. Laser treatment for permanent hair removal works especially with dark hair, where more melanin is present, that can be captured by the laser with a wavelength.

In contrast to the laser, the flash lamp produces short pulses of light with a wavelength of 650 - 950nm. The light energy is transported via the hairline to the hair follicle, where the light energy is absorbed by the pigment melanin and converted into heat. While the nutrient cells of the roots of the hair are desolate. The roots of the hair or the hair follicle can then produce no new hair.

HPL vs. IPL: HPL (home pulsed light) is very similar to IPL and is described as the next generation of IPL (Intensed pulsed light). The development consists mainly of energy efficiency to enable longer battery life for the home user. In addition, the light impulse is emitted in a shorter time, but with more energy. This ensures good results and protects the skin. HPL is a patent of silk'n and is sold by this manufacturer.

For all methods of hair removal, only hair follicles can be treated, are located in the growth phase. Around 60-70% of our hair is however reside in hibernation, so that multiple single sessions at intervals of 6 to 10 weeks is needed to achieve comprehensive and permanent hair removal.

After the treatment, the gel is removed from the skin zone. The specialist in controlled skin reaction.

In the course of further meetings, the success of treatment tested and adapted the treatment if necessary.

Duration of treatment

The following factors play a role for the duration of the treatment:

  • Size of the skin areas
  • Quality, purity, and age of the skin
  • Hair growth
  • Hair color

Experience examples

The removal of a woman's upper lip Barts takes average 10 minutes per session

Remove the hair on the legs of an average hairy man takes on average 2 hours.

When should I start treatment

Any skin treatment should be done at least 4 weeks previously. Tattoos must be performed after the waxing. Usually, the autumn is the best season to the beginning of the treatment. So time for several sessions, in which the skin is exposed to UV light and other incentives.

Is the treatment permanent?

Yes, 2 long-term studies over several years have shown that the effect of a professionally conducted hair removal with the IPL and laser technology of long-term duration is. Hair follicles, which were abandoned, will produce more never more hair. But that does not mean that, in the treated area, no hair grow more. In other areas of the skin, new hair follicles can make on a small scale as a hair fluff.

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Causes of increased hair growth

Genetic causes

Strong hair growth on the face can be invested and occurs in particular with südländlischen families increased. If there has already been women with strong facial hair in the family, the gene to the next generations passed will be.


  • Metabolic disorders of women according to the Pupertät, which leads to an increased production of male sex hormones.
  • Stoffwechselkkrankheiten such as AGS (Adrenogenital syndrome)
  • Doping with hormones
  • Tumors that affect the production of sex hormones

Hair growth phases

Hair grows unevenly, but in individual cycles. Scalp hair grow approx. less than half a millimeter, 15 cm per day in a month just over 1, 5 cm in the growth phase and a year. Hair growth and hair shape than diameter differs in many people.

A hair growth phases

  • Phase 1: 2 to 6 years for 80% of the hair: the growth phase, the hair root formation and growth of the hair
  • Phase 2: 2 to 3 weeks for 1% of the hair: the failure stage - stop of the hair growth and hair
  • Phase 3: 2-4 months for approximately 19% of the hair: the regeneration phase: regeneration of follicles and beginning of new hair growth

Price - cost in euros:

The prices strongly depend on the treated area. Depending on the provider, a laser, and number of repetitions of the treatment prices from 240 for a simple treat of a small area with 6 meetings can be to a full-body treatment with a cost of over 5000 Euro.


  • Upper lip 35,00 euro
  • Eyebrows 40,00 euro
  • Chin 35,00 euro
  • Ears 40,00 euro
  • Face 100.00 euro


  • Thigh 150,00 euro
  • Lower leg 130,00 euro
  • Feet 35,00 euro

Upper body

  • Belly 100,00 euro
  • Breast (completely) 80,00 euro
  • Nipples 35,00 euro
  • Biniki 60,00 euro
  • Forearms 100,00 euro
  • Upper arms 100.00 euro
  • Shoulder 70,00 euro
  • Hands 50,00 euro
  • Back 150,00 euro
  • Neck 50,00 euro


  • Behind old 50,00 euro
  • Squealing 50,00 euro
  • Po 70,00 euro
  • Bikini zone 70,00 euro


  • Full body 700,00 euro
  • Neck 50,00 euro
  • Individual small areas as of 35,00 euro

Price - cost in euro: 

35 - 700



Outpatient treatment, possibly with a local anesthetic ointment to the mild narcotic

Duration of treatment

  • Facial hair 10 minutes per session
  • Leg 2 hours per session

Ability to work

According to FL che immediately or the next day


Permanently, but's new hair follicles can arise in other places


  • Allergic reactions
  • Pigmentation Disorders
  • Burns
  • Change of tattoos


Slight skin redness or sores can occur depending on the device that are comparable to a sunburn. This cure is usually within a few days off.


  • Life of a hair: 6 yrs
  • Head hair: 75000 up to 150,000
  • Loss of hair on the head per day: about 50-100 pieces
  • Body hair: 5,000,000
  • Hair density: approx. 200 hairs per cm²
  • Hair diameter head hair: approx. 0.1 mm

Health insurance fund

The statutory health insurance funds take over the treatment only in pathological hair growth


Hair removal at tattoos

Who would like to have a tattoo on a hairy skin area, clear about it be that later the hair no longer permanently can be removed by laser. A permanent hair removal by laser or IPL is the best way to deal with in the long run hardly any with hair removal.

When the tattoo are strong and dark brought color into the skin. These surfaces absorb most of the light energy that actually thought the IPL is used to treat. This not only the hair are not properly abandoned, but it be modified by changing the skin pigments with the colors or destroyed.

Effective and less effective IPL equipment

IPL systems, there are strong differences in quality between the individual devices for home use and professional devices. These differ in the success of the treatment and the possibilities of treatment. The so-called I ² PL technology is the second generation of IPL systems.

Before the treatment:

  • Smooth shave the desired skin areas on the day prior to treatment
  • 2 to 3 weeks in advance do not grow, pluck or epilate.
  • previously no depilatory creams use 2 to 3 weeks
  • 3 to 4 weeks before the hair not brighten. In General, light hair are more difficult to treat.
  • Makeup remove and clean the skin at the points well.
  • A short test to check the allergic reactions

After the treatment:

  • A short test to check the allergic reactions
  • No sunlight and hot tubs and saunas for 4 weeks

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