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Remove moles


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Remove Mole-Birthmarks and moles with the dangerous skin cancer be confused, if you fail to determine the type. Therefore should be first perform scheduled surgery to the dermatologist and a Hautscan before.

If Mole turns out as benign tumors you can plan its removal. Smaller moles can be easily laser-etched up to a size of the diameter of a pencil. With bigger moles operated rather, because the skin growths are different fused and more or less strongly connected to blood vessels.

Benign or malignant skin tumors?

If a Mole is dangerous or benign rules can be used to determine the A-E. A malignant growth is defined by the following rules.

  • A stands for an asymmetrical, uneven shape
  • B stands for the limitation. If the contour is not clearly demarcated and around, but rather out refreshed and spotty.
  • C defines the coloring. The rule, if the Mole is not skin color but contains a pigmentation in white, blue or red.
  • D defines the diameter. If the stain changes its size or even its shape in the course of time.
  • E stands for the development. If the mole changed in various aspects. These include shape, size, skin texture, itching, oozing and bleeding.

Birthmark laser

The laser penetrates the top layer of skin with light pulses, destroyed the pigments of the mole, and caused a short stabbing pain depending on the inflammation of the skin. The Mole itself and a little extra space to the mole are laser-etched with the laser. The advantage of the laser technology is that no open wound is created and heals out so much faster than with the classical method.

After treatment is comparable to a sunburn on the affected area for a few days, a burning feeling. In part, the treatment causes also swelling. After about two weeks everything should be healed. Is the skin during the inflammatory phase ultraviolet radiation is exposed, such as sunbathing, it possible that the healing is accompanied by brown pigmentation.

After the laser treatment is a band-aid on the treated area and the natural healing process of the body begins to build new tissue. There are no or only temporary downtime at school or work, the procedure is safe and can be used even in difficult-to-reach places.

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Side effects by lasers of a liver spot

After laser treatment, the areas are flushed and still very sensitive to external influences. For 1 to 3 days can occur swelling and even pollute individual points. Depending on the type of skin the encrusted skin heal within a week. At this time you should do not touch the places the areas with contaminated fingers or cloths.

Mole cut out

Before the procedure a skin screening should be performed as described above, to determine the type of skin tumors. Benign growths can be cut out by the doctor under local anaesthetic. This cuts the doctor with a scalpel to the birthmark around and then highlights the proliferation of skin out of the wound. It is important that the mole in the depth is cut out sufficiently. The area is sutured and the stitches removed after 10 days.

Triggers for liver spots

Birthmarks are caused by hormone fluctuations in the Pupertät, menstruation or pregnancy. Genetic factors play a role how many moles is a man. The most moles occur in adolescence. While the colour substance is formed under the influence by rays of the Sun melanin by melanocytes cells of the skin. Depending on how many layers of skin, the growths are the birthmark is higher or flat.

Birthmark causes

  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Genetic predisposition
  • UV radiation
  • Immune system weakening

Prevent moles

Genetic and hormonal influences cannot be prevented, that leaves only the option to minimize ultraviolet radiation. Especially in childhood and adolescence, care should be taken on an adequate sun protection. Sunburns and intensive sunbathing contribute to an increased formation of skin growths in the youth.

Home remedies for moles

The common methods of self-help based on acidic liquids, potassium and surgical procedures. Citric acid or other fruit acids, as they are used in the peeling effect only on the surface. This is weak acids which can replace only the top layer of skin. Pigments are also a little bleached due to the treatment. Deep moles can not be removed with the method.

Own cutting out of birthmarks is possible, but also some risks. Firstly you must be sure that it is benign skin growths, since a wrong treatment otherwise diseased cells in the blood and lymphatic system can go over and lead to the spread of cancer.

On the other hand, the risk of complications such as infections, blood poisoning, extensive scarring and further education of the Mole.

Cost remove Mole

The health insurance companies bear the costs when they are medically justified. This is the case if one or more of A-E rules apply. Also you can get free remove moles, if they are in places that are exposed to constant mechanical influences. Cosmetic treatments in principle not be borne by the health insurance fund.

Price - cost in euro: 

50 - 80


Operation kindLasers or operate with local anesthesia
Operation durationJust a few minutes per Mole
Complications lasers
  • Burns
  • Scar formation
  • Pigmentary and brightness difference
  • Allergies
  • Rash
  • Infections with Blässchenbildung
  • Skin cancer
  • Rare allergies can also cause skin removal or even amputation
SuccessLasers and operate with Hautscreening is mostly successful
DurabilityPermanent success.


Prior to surgery:

  • 10 days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption

After the surgery:

  • consistent care of scars with creams prescribed by the doctor
  • No sunlight for at least 2 months
  • for 2-6 weeks no sauna visits
  • for 1-2 weeks no heavy physical loads
  • Abstain from cigarettes and alcohol for several weeks

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