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Removing acne scars


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Acne, pimples and blackheads.The cause of acne is usually a hormonal imbalance. Diseases of sebaceous glands acne are in the focus, for example when it comes to a backwater of sebum in the hair follicle and its channel is (partially) blocked. A complete blockage is called a white blackheads, a partial closure of the Canal is a black blackheads. The dark discoloration due to oxidation or stored melanin. When it comes to an inflammation arises a pimple, which is caused by a bacterium. Scars and discoloration of the skin may occur during the healing process, which can be treated with conservative methods in the first two years at most. Then the scar has its final consistency and there remain only cosmetic methods or aesthetic surgery.

Causes of acne

  • Overproduction of male hormones
  • Incorrect behavior of hygiene (to much or too little washing, wrong pH of the skin cleanser)
  • Abnormally high blood sugar levels
  • High insulin levels
  • Inheritance (nature of the sebaceous glands)
  • Foods with a high glycemic index (demonstrated insufficient studies)
  • Acne is not caused by allergies or food intolerance

Removing acne scars

Treating acne scars is many ways possible. To determine which treatment is best for a is even, together with a dermatologist. Then you can opt for further measures with a plastic surgeon or beauticians.

The treatments are the following areas:

Skin pigment disorders

Pigmentation problems, caused such as dark staining a reaction of the skin with pigmentation after the inflammation.

Acne scars with skin growths

Skin beads originated in the course of the healing process, caused by the excess production of collagen.

Acne scars with deep furrows

This type of scars resulting in the loss of tissue during and after the healing process.

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Methods to remove acne scars:

Acne scar laser

Depending on the acne scar, skin type and color different lasers for treating scars. The laser penetrates through the top layer of skin with light impulses, thereby only segments of the skin treated with the laser. The natural healing process of the body is stimulated to build new vital tissue. There are no or only temporary downtime at school or work, the procedure is very safe and can be used even in difficult-to-reach places. Laser technology and the small treated areas, there are some complications in the process.

Costs are a treatment in the face of 4-5 sessions at 1200-2000 euro.


Acne scars and fat, silicone, collagen, hyaluronic acid

Substances, can be used such as collagen, cortisone, hyaluronic acid or fat, to "fill in" certain types of deep acne scars. Because the fillers are ultimately absorbed by the skin, the substances through injections must be injected every few months new. This depends on the type of product. Also here no treatment should be omitted, otherwise the intended effect will not occur, and spending money for a "half-completed" treatment were probably futile. Sometimes cortisone solutions are injected and similar to how diluted the other treatments scars skin, so that the scar tissue shrinks. Atrophic scars is used with injection treatment, also own fatty tissue, collagen or other material that the body absorbs well and again breaks down.

A treatment in the face costs 400-1200 euro.


Mini facelift for severe cases of acne scars

A mini facelift can together with injections as hyaluronic acid or polylactic acid achieve good results when the skin is heavily damaged and already thinking about a skin graft. If you used as a filler fat wants to, is the OP more expensive and complex, because the fat must first be extracted from the body.

The cost amounted to 1500 to 3500 euro.


Acne surgery - skin graft as a last resort

To a piece of skin in a suitable place is taken, which fits to the pigmentation and skin texture of the scarred place. The skin fragment is inserted at the desired locations and sewn. With appropriate planning, also grown skin cells can be used for the procedure.

2000-6000 Euros depending on the application area


Grinding of acne scars by dermabrasion

Through the grinding of keratinized or dead cells in the top layer of the skin, the skin is smoothed again and irregularities can be removed selectively. After removal of the scar tissue with Rev rotating diamond grinding heads, a smoother and more homogeneous skin is revealed. The intervention increases the collagen production again. Typically, multiple sessions are necessary to treat for example a face completely. Redness was visible for many weeks the pigmentation changes in the treated areas.

Costs vary greatly. It is necessary for a treatment in the face with 400 until - 1200 euro account


Micro-dermabrasion for scar treatment

In this method, the upper layers of the skin are removed controlled with small crystals. The crystals hit at high speed on the skin and has then be vacuumed with a vacuum pump. The advantage of the method is that it requires no chemistry.

The costs vary depending on the provider also greatly and there are between 400 and 1200 euro.


Chemical peel

The skin is etched and then neutralized with fruit acid in 40-70% on concentration. The treatment can be done with different strong concentrations after request of the patient. The cornified pieces of the skin disappear and make new cells in place. Used drugs have some side effects, so you must perform the Exfoliating with a doctor.

The costs vary by provider for 500 1800 euros.


Acne scar punch out

Especially single deep scars are easily punched out with a small diameter. The wound is sewn or closed with a skin graft. This new healthy tissue can be formed and then a Narbencreme be treated.

Stamping out scars 600 to 1500 euros depending on the number of scars for an average application.


Acne scar cream

Be used creams with estrogen, cortisone and other ingredients which act as exfoliate and reduce the scar tissue. Depending on the thickness of the contained acid, it comes to redness for several weeks. The ointments have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and help to reduce the swelling. Narbencremes only make sense if one uses them as quickly as possible after surgery. The treatment of scars, which are over 2 years old brings little satisfactory results.

The cost is usually about 20-50 euro.


Acne scars and the reimbursement by the health insurance fund

The health insurance companies assume the cost of the surgery or treatment in particularly serious cases. It is on the situation of the individual:
-Health situation (supplementary and secondary diseases)
-Mental health
-Social behavior (isolation...)

Price - cost in euro: 

20 - 6000


Before deciding on a treatment you should let yourself examined by a dermatologist. This one sets that you want to have only one examination result and a consultation. The treatment decision should be made later in peace on the basis of the examination results.

Overall speaking the gentle methods, like creams cover mostly rather or very little improve the scars, if the scars are already at least. 2 years. Only when young scars, the use of creams really makes sense.

Methods that remove the scar tissue, causing in turn small scars, which must be maintained accordingly. Often, the process also many treatments over must be carried by the number of scars.

The way to a beautiful, well-kept skin is so not easy, but a clear improvement in the appearance of the skin is possible with patience and will.


Prior to surgery:

  • 10 Days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 Days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption

After the surgery:

  • consistent care of scars with creams prescribed by the doctor
  • No sunlight
  • for many weeks no sauna visits
  • for many weeks no physical strain
  • Abstain from cigarettes and alcohol for several weeks

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