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Spinal anaesthesia


The spinal anaesthesia is a simple method with a rapid effect and complete elimination of pain.

It represents an alternative to the anaesthetic and the epidural used during surgical procedures on your lower abdomen and interventions on the legs.

With this form of anesthesia, postoperative pain treatment can be performed.

It is dotted with a spinal needle between the second and third or the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae. The needle in the back of the patient is introduced after disinfection and local anesthesia of skin between two spinous processes of the spinal column.

A großlumigere guide cannula is often used in the elderly. This has permeated the band structures, the actual, thin puncture needle is inserted through it. The needle touches a nerve root may occur briefly during the puncture to abnormal sensations (paresthesia) in the legs. If there is a clear liquid out of the needle it is used correctly.

After injection of the anesthetic Painlessness and restricting range of motion occur within minutes.

After injection of the anesthetic is a period from 1 to 3 hours for the surgery available.

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