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Upper arm lift


An arm surgery or Dermolipectomy is carried out in the majority of cases in women. The necessary cut performed by the arm up to the elbow.

nside long scars remain on the upper arm. This problem can be performed usually without very much effort with the operation method above. Much excess skin on the inside of the upper arm is often present at the age, which is removed with this cut. The skin edges are then sewn back together and connected.

The outcome is usually very good and will last for many years.

Price - cost in euro: 

4500 - 6500


Operation kindGeneral anesthesia
Operation durationapproximately 1-2 hours
Hospitalizationabout rarely this procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure 1-3 days,
Ability to workAfter about 3 weeks. Complaints are twice as long
RisksInfection, haemorrhage, possibly lymphatic blockages
Durabilitynot permanently (usually 6 - a maximum of 10 years), because the skin here subject to the aging process is


After the surgery:

  • for several weeks no sport
  • No sauna
  • no physical effort
  • fixed arm Association for a few weeks

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