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  • December 2015

    Some hair growth tonic help-has been proven for hormonally related hair loss which can be inherited. The success typically consists of a significant slowing of hair loss. In addition small thin hair can develop on the already-bald patches.

  • October 2015

    Over the years, loses the skin on the forehead increasingly their firmness and is wrinkled, so that E.g. wrinkles arise and the eyebrows are much deeper. As a result, the Division of the upper eyelids affected is caught and the eyes appear narrower.

    To counter the wrinkles on the forehead, and the alteration of appearance by a high brow or low-slung brows, there are several ways in plastic surgery.

  • September 2015

    PO Expand - the enlargement of the Po can be performed with implants or injections by fat or fillers such as hyaluronic acid. The Po with autologous fat injection to is, if you also vacuum would like to have fat in other areas of the body. With the enlargement of the buttocks, skin problems like cellulite are reduced at the same time.

  • August 2015

    Reducing lift - the distance between the nose and upper lip to lip. Lifting is performed the operation under general anesthesia when the lip. It removes a four to nine millimeters of wide skin strips below the nose. The surgeon draws the pattern wave so that the skin beneath the distant piece of the skin fitting can be pulled upwards up into the nostrils.

  • July 2015

    Since the Po is heavily equipped with connective tissue is still often discouraged by operations. To restore a tight or crisp Po, also an implant must be used in rare cases, be mounted over the coccyx. The patient can select among different sizes and shapes to represent the naturalness as far as possible. The shelf life is limited, however, and the implant must be replaced again after about 10 years. In particular the examination of EU standards is important in the selection of the implant.


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